About our company


For two decades we’ve been turning electronics into spaghetti. Laptop rigatoni, speaker tortellini, router lasagna, game console macaroni ... hand us pretty much anything and we’ll make pasta of it. We’re good at recycling, really. Nothing goes to landfill. We’ve got buddies to ensure everything is chopped, diced, melted and reused.

Don’t trust us with your hard drives? Watch us shred it before your eyes with Chop-Chop. (Just don’t get too close.) For the price of one large pizza (pineapple on whole half) we’ll write you a certificate of destruction. Our facility is secure and monitored by 24 hour surveillance. (Okay, we live there.)

And, hey, before you go and slip your computers into the trash because you’re too lazy to hop in your car, there’s something you should know. Computers contain mercury, bismuth, chromium, germanium, lead, indium, arsenic, barium, gallium, vanadium, tantalum, terbium, to name a few. You don’t want your kids drinking this stuff and growing barnacles on their faces, do you? So bring it on down and we’ll take care of it.

Our mission

It is our mission to ensure the safe and effective destruction of files and hardware to ensure complete privacy for you while mainatining a healthy environment.

  • We aim to reduce personal identity theft
  • Destroy Laptops, Hardrives and more
  • To support you in every way
  • All at a reduced price

Meet our staff:

Our dedicated staff is here to serve you for all your Assured Destruction Needs! Here are 2 outstanding representatives who can help you today!

Tina Rose

A two decade veteran of computer recycling, Tina’s been recycling Atari’s and Coleco Vision before it was cool to. Chief Financial Officer and mother of Janus, wishes she could juggle but will settle for a good romance novel.

Prefers ebook over print. Doesn’t believe fruit should touch pizza, let alone top one.

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Jan Rose (AKA JanusFlyTrap)

Code ninja. Master of #Shadownet and Chief Recycling Officer. Purveyor of beautiful things. Able to pick up a seventy two inch screen television in one hand. Shreds hard drives with her fingernails. Holds the record for the most tweets ever written in ten seconds.

Closet cat lover, with virtual multi-personality disorder, Jan likes the smell of shredded steel and anything on her pizza except anchovies. Not even on half, okay? You can’t keep the taste off the other half, really, it’s so gross, it just oozes everywhere. Nuff said.
Check out my blog Janus Fly Trap or come find me on Twitter.

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